The phrase ‘sex sells’ has been around for a long time in consideration of advertising. Even in the 1800s they used sexual entendre to sell products to adults.  And many women will tell you that it was FSOG that got them into or back into reading. The world seems fascinated by sex, like it’s all… Read More Pornified

The greatest love

Some people will consider Whitney Houston belting out the ‘Greatest love of all‘ to be a cheesy experience, but I know that others will understand its significance. ‘Learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all’.  She wasn’t wrong.  Inspiring children to be who they are, to impart to them the knowledge we learned… Read More The greatest love

Pride and love

Pride and love should go hand in hand. Pride is a feeling of deep pleasure or satisfaction, and love is a a deep affection for something. Being proud of yourself, being conscious of your own achievements and being happy about them. Nice. Love. Last year I released a book on Sydney Mardi Gras weekend, and, yes,… Read More Pride and love