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All books in the Ruthless Beings saga are rated 18+ for content.  They are available now as ebooks from Amazon, iBooks and Google Play. 

FINAL FINAL DM front coverDitching Melody:
Since the age of fourteen, Theresa’s life has revolved around her daughter Melody. Her days were spent hiding her sexuality from most people, avoiding difficult conversations, and putting up with her daughter’s constant criticism.
After a chance encounter with (wo)man’s best friend, Theresa’s life becomes increasingly adventurous and even takes a detour into the unexplainable. Theresa discovers she is more capable than she ever had the courage to be before, and that unconventional love takes on many forms.
Falling for your best friend can be controversial, especially when you’re a lesbian and he’s not, but a love without limitations is something you can never give up on.


Ending Sib:
Ending SIb ANZACIn the face of heartbreak and disappointment, Riley thought he knew how to play the game. He had an answer for everything, relied on no one, and could talk himself through any situation.
Constantly in turmoil and desperate to feel connected, befriending an underground criminal boss seems like the answer to his prayers. But blurring the lines between right and wrong, good and bad, and pleasure and pain is a daily struggle when you’re always questioning everything you believe in.
Fighting other people’s enemies may be the only way to conquer his own.

FINAL UNDERLINER dec 2017.jpgUnderliner:
Benjamin was raised to believe that if an issue couldn’t be solved with charm then it could be solved with money. He’s read a plethora of books, edited billions of words, and had sex with thousands of women. He knows what he knows, but he’s about to embark on a steep learning curve.
With the unexpected intervention of a girl from the wrong side of the ‘yawning chasm’ and an unusual chess club, Benjamin discovers how much he didn’t know about his life. Developing sympathy and empathy after so many years can have its downsides, but it can also lead to finding the one thing Benjamin really wants. Friends.


new book for RGJ-2Does the colour of your skin define you? Does anxiety or depression rule your life? What if you could change one thing and start a chain of events that changed your life forever?
Cameron had been controlled by depression and anxiety for what had seemed like an eternity. He’d almost given up hope that someone could love him as a man, especially when he struggled to love himself.
When Cameron’s heart is unexpectedly stolen, he becomes determined to do whatever it takes to make sure his heart’s new home is safe… even if it means taking on ruthless criminals.

RGJ Running Rings ARBWNRunning Rings:
The love of Verity’s life has disappeared without a trace, and she’s woken up to discover she’s alone in the world. After recovering from the heinous crime that almost ended her life, she is determined to be the perfect wife for her first love when he returns.
While seeking to become sexually free and domestically competent and establish a career, Verity is taken advantage of in the workplace more than once and accidentally falls for a heroic one night stand who’s immune to love.
Things get really complicated when the fate of her first love is known, and Verity has to make a decision that could be the first unselfish one she’s ever made.