Ruthless Beings

From its humble beginnings in ABC, to the hunt for the heartbreaker in Frankly Deceptive, to the dramas in and out of the courtroom in Trials of Virtues, to the hope of a family life in Just another Day… you won’t want to miss a minute of the soap opera that her life has become.

Take a walk among the Ruthless Beings and see how their stories unfold.

Ruthless Beings: ABC 

Amethyst Callinger, ‘the billionaire baby’, is devastated by the loss of her father. She has no choice but to go out into the world and try to make it on her own. Leaving behind her cruel Mother and the thirty acre estate she grew up in, she has no family, no friends, and nowhere to turn. Amethyst is a fragile young woman, longing to be loved and acceptedRB ABC cover FINAL 2016 and for no one to care about her father’s money. She is determined to hide from the media and to somehow lose the unearned reputation of being a spoilt, billionaire’s daughter.

When she successfully applies for a junior position in a renowned legal firm, she realises she knew very little about her father, beyond their relationship. She has barely any childhood memories, a sheltered understanding of the ways of the world and she’s regularly haunted by her traumatic past. Desperate to belong somewhere, she remains vulnerable to exploitation, but with the right love and guidance she could learn to walk amongst the ruthless beings with her chin up.


Ruthless Beings: Frankly Deceptive

RB FD 2016 FINALWhat do you get when you put a billionaire’s daughter, two love interests, a murderer, a world-weary Police detective, and a number of people who aren’t quite telling the truth together? You get a situation that is frankly deceptive. In the twelve weeks since her father’s funeral, Amethyst has grown a lot, but when a man from her past resurfaces and wreaks havoc in the city, she is pushed to her emotional limits, and her integrity is called into question. Seeking to solidify her relationships and to be taken seriously and trusted, she reveals more about her gifts. She is receiving support on one side and suspicion on the other. Amethyst knows she has to follow her father’s parting advice to find what makes her strong and hold onto it. It could be the difference between life and death.



Ruthless Beings: Trials of Virtue

RB TOV cover FINAL 2016With the court trial looming, everyone is going through their own trials and tribulations in their attempts to help Amethyst through the process. Frustrated, misguided and overwhelmed, those around her are doing her more harm than good as they deal with their own issues and hope for a better future. Amethyst is forced to confront her past and learn more about her forgotten childhood, while attempting to grow and overcome her fears. With one solid ally and the others on the road to recovery, Amethyst has to take the stand in more ways than one and do whatever it takes to live the life she longs to live.

No longer shackled by the media to the ‘billionaire baby’ tag, Amethyst learns about the power she possesses in her wealth and her connections, and begins to draw strength from those assets. The superficial hold that Mother had is becoming transparent and Amethyst may finally get what her father wanted her to have.

Ruthless Beings: Just another Day

With the trial behind her and a new year about to begin, Amethyst is optimistic that it’s going to be a good year. Belonging somewhere and being part of a family were things she had craved and now she has it. As she gets more and more involved and accepted, she learns wRB JAD cover FINAL 2016-2hat it’s like to be part of a big family and how consuming it can be. With many demands on her time and while she’s still trying to figure out who she really is and how she fits into the world, she may lose it just a little. Danger is still lurking around every corner, and no one really knows who they can trust or how far the Mason curse has spread.




Ruthless Beings: Three Days of Doubt

Having made the commitment of a lifetime to her polyamorous relationship, Amethyst is determined to prove that she’s capable of managing a lot of responsibility. With tragedy hitting close to home again and again, and battles against demons from the past continuing, Amethyst wonders if there will ever be a day without doubt in her life. While Miss Mason’s legacy lives on through a cult following of criminals, Amethyst will do all that she can to make sure those she loves most are not caught in the maelstrom.RB TDOD COVER 2016

Dedicated to using her wealth to advantage the disadvantaged, Amethyst is still learning how well connected she really is because of her father.  Realising she has more friends than she ever knew she had, and drawing her strength from the loves of her life, she decides that it is time for her to demonstrate her independence and to face the media front on about her past.  When it comes to a decision about whether or not she should leave her family behind and fly solo for the sake of the Callinger name, she calls on an unlikely ally for advice. With the ultimate test of inner strength yet to come, it may turn out to be the worst decision Amethyst has ever made.

This is book five in the Ruthless Beings series.



All books in the Ruthless Beings saga are rated 18+ for content.  They are available now as ebooks from Amazon, iBooks and Google Play.

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