Ruthless Beings series

All books in the Ruthless Beings saga are rated 18+ for content.  They are available now as ebooks from Amazon, iBooks and Google Play. 

From its humble beginnings in ABC, to the hunt for the heartbreaker in Frankly Deceptive, to the dramas in and out of the courtroom in Trials of Virtues, to the hope of a family life in Just another Day . . . you won’t want to miss a minute of the soap opera that her life has become. Take a walk among the Ruthless Beings and see how their stories unfold.

Ruthless Beings: ABC RB ABC cover FINAL 2016
Amethyst Callinger, the ‘billionaire baby’ lost everything when she lost her father. With nothing but a cruel mother and a reputation created by the media, Amethyst has no choice but to take on the world alone. When she successfully applies for a job in the Day family’s legal firm, she finds herself in a ‘famiglia’ environment and everyone seems to know more about her life than she does.
Sheltered and naive in some ways, but gifted and mature in others, Amethyst discovers love and friendship while learning more about her father and her past. A passionate relationship with a man that can’t love her, leads her into the arms of a man who can. Her polyamorous heart is not divided, but her feelings could destroy the men’s bond forever.
ABC is the beginning of Amethyst’s journey towards making the world a better place, one person at a time.

Ruthless Beings: Frankly Deceptive
RB FD 2016 FINALWhat do you get when you put a billionaire’s daughter, two love interests, a murderer, a world-weary Police detective, and a number of people who aren’t quite telling the truth together? You get a situation that is frankly deceptive. Amethyst has grown through experience since her father’s funeral, but when a man from her past resurfaces and wreaks havoc in the city her motives and integrity are called into question. Following her father’s advice to find what makes her strong and hold onto it, Amethyst knows that love is the answer and that it could be the difference between life and death.


Ruthless Beings: Trials of Virtue
As the time draws nearer for Amethyst to provide evidence in the Supreme Court, those around her are frustrated, misguided, and overwhelmed. Bonds are strengthening and weakening, but Amethyst is steadfast in her goal to overcome her fears and love happily ever after in her polyamorous relationship.
Confronting her past means taking a stand in more ways than one in order to live the life she wants to live. No longer feeling shackled by the media to the ‘billionaire baby’ tag, Amethyst learns about the power she possesses in her father’s connections and begins to draw strength from those assets. The superficial hold that Mother had over her is becoming more transparent. Amethyst may finally get what her father wanted her to have, and Mother may too get what she deserves.


Ruthless Beings: Just another Day
With a new year about to begin, Amethyst is optimistic it’s going to be a good year.
DevoRB JAD cover FINAL 2017ted to the two loves of her life, she relishes belonging somewhere and being loved. As she becomes more involved and accepted into their big family, shards of the past dig at her and she learns how consuming it is to be popular.
Danger is lurking around every corner and with the ending of one nightmare the threat of new monsters come to light. No one knows who they can really trust among the Ruthless Beings but with the hope of a wonderful future just over the horizon, they will work tirelessly to put the criminals behind bars, bury the past, and live the life they’ve planned.


Ruthless Beings: Three Days of Doubt
Having made the commitment of a lifetime to her polyamorous relationship, Amethyst is determined to prove that she’s capable of managing a lot of

RB TDOD COVER 2016responsibility. When a vengeful psychopath with a cult following of criminals targets Amethyst and her family, she has to do all that she can to make sure those she loves most are not caught in the maelstrom. With tragedyhitting close to home again and again, Amethyst wonders if there will ever be a day without doubt in her life.
Dedicated to using her wealth to advantage the disadvantaged, and her power to promote change, she draws strength from the loves of her life and decides to face the media front on about her past. With the ultimate tests of inner strength yet to come, asserting her independence may turn out to be the worst decision Amethyst has ever made.


Ruthless Beings: Replaying Pawns
Before she’d even left high school, Elizabeth knew exactly what she wanted out of life. She wanteRB replaying pawnsd a lot of sex, a lot of control, and to never have to do a hard day’s work.  With no regard for anyone but herself, people are but pawns in her game and every man she meets is a potential conquest.
Elizabeth is aroused by her own fatal flaws, convinced that she’s infallible, and will go as low as necessary to get what she wants. Succeeding in attaining everything she has ever desired is never going to be enough. She will never stop wanting, she will never stop enjoying other people’s misery, and she will never stop replaying her pawns.


Ruthless Beings: Dodging Daybreak
RB 7 FINALWe all want to find the perfect balance between work and play that will allow us to have a good quality of life and provide for our family.  But families are full of people and people are complicated and complications have consequences.
When things start going awry again for the Day family after a period of relative stability, allies and enemies appear from unexpected places and secrets from the past have the potential to both heal and divide.
Having overcome so many obstacles already, our triangle is determined to stand firm together against any and all adversity that life throws at them. They will hold onto love with all their hearts without compromising what matters most.

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