So many meaningless words

I’m talking to the wrong people. I thought I was invisible, but I’m not. I’ve looked around at other posts and blogs, and I can see that barely anyone is liking or commenting.  Even FB blogs with thousands upon thousands of followers get no likes on their posts. We’re talking into the wind here.

Posting information, and creating graphics, and adding images and links to ‘pimp posts’, and reducing the price of your books, and shouting about how and why people should read you … it feels meaningless. It appears to be achieving nothing. But why?

Why? Because people seem to be drawn to meaningless, and your words are not meaningless. You’re saying something and you want to be heard but people are busy. People are clambering to hear what idiotic thing the POTUS said on Twitter, they’re watching YouTube videos of idiots apologising for being idiots while making money from idiots in the process, they’re keeping up with that superficial family who may or may not be having babies or wearing no shoes in their kitchen, and it’s all meaningless. Their own lives are so much more interesting, but they’re caught in a trap. People are free to spend their time however they choose, but the reality is that spending hours looking at that stuff is not adding any value to your life. While it’s popular, it’ll continue. When people step away from clickbait and realise what’s right in front of them – family, friends, entertaining / educational books that will add value to their lives, having a hobby (maybe  reading is your hobby), learning new things and living not existing – then they’ll realise that time is the most precious thing you have.

I’ve devoted hours to my passion for writing and I don’t consider it a waste of time, even though I don’t get read much. I know that I’ve been talking mostly to the wrong people. I know who the right people are too. They’re the people who read the types of books that I write obviously. The trouble is that I can’t find them, and they can’t find me. In between them and me are so many meaningless words. In between them and me are so many advertisements and people making money off the click of a mouse and celebrities who are only famous for being famous and ‘sex’ too.  On their way to find what they want or need they’re distracted by the ‘pretty shiny things’ and then consumed.

We can’t avoid social media because we need it to be social, we can’t help being distracted because we’re human, and we can’t help but feel frustrated at seeming to be invisible when we feel like what we have to say is more important than a celebrity getting a new haircut.

Don’t give up. Your words are not meaningless. I’m the one on FB liking posts that no one else has liked and sharing books that aren’t mine, because I know how it feels to feel invisible – you’re not.




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