So Ruthless…

Search Ruthless on Amazon in books … 1780 results. Yep. Book after book after book called “Ruthless” or with Ruthless in the title or with Ruthless as a search term.  You know what Ruthless means, right? Basically it means not having or showing any compassion for others.
I’m the author of the Ruthless Beings series and Ruthless Beings World novels (13 as of today). Back in 2015 when I published the first book in the series, my reasoning was simple. My name is Ruth and I consider that people who lack love and compassion to be unlike me, and therefore Ruth-less.
I wanted to weave simply written (and therefore accessible) family life fiction with my own beliefs about the power of love. Which is why I write stories of crime and abuse – demonstrating all the horrible things that people go through in life – and use the characters to demonstrate an ideology of love, compassion, pity, and kindness to counteract the bad stuff.  Love always wins. There’s always a happy ending.
Beyond the series, there are also stand alone novels, each focussing on different issues that people go through in everyday life.  AND they all fit together.  It’s one world, with people crossing over and timelines meeting, like a big soap opera of crime and love and abuse and growth.
A lot of people dream of making a difference in someone’s life. It was always a stretch that I could make a difference. For a start, domestic fiction isn’t particularly popular compared to erotica, romance, and sci-fi.  But my hope to build resilience through these stories, and promote love and compassion, is continuing. And I’m happy to say that I have made a difference to some people, and I appreciate their feedback immensely.
If you want to find Ruthless, it’s out there. If you want to find love, it’s within you.
Love. Always.


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