My invisible friends

They say that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results. I guess I’m insane. I’m okay with that. I’ve self-published twelve books so far. Books ranging in length between 125,000 and 220,000 words, focusing on love and crime and family life. In two years, I’ve sold less books than the latest bear shape-shifter romance probably sold in a week. But still I write.

My insanity, my dozen books (so far), deal with daily events in the lives of interconnected characters. My invisible friends. The Ruthless Beings World started as one book,  Ruthless Beings: ABC, but I couldn’t let the main character go. She was just starting to find herself. She was moving from an artificial world into a real one and I had to see her through. When I first met her, I didn’t know how she’d fall in love with two men (I didn’t even know what polyamory was!). I didn’t know how much she’d suffered in her past. I didn’t know she was going to get hurt, and when she was hurt I didn’t know if she’d pull through. I didn’t know she’d become a philanthropist. I didn’t know she’d inspire a whole world around her, a world of interconnected characters whose lives somehow touch each other, or how the degrees of separation would make the world seem so big and so small at the same time.

I saw excitement and emotional situations and unexpected events, and I saw so many opportunities to educate and entertain and build resilience, and so many happy endings after so much suffering.  Why? Because somewhere in my insanity, I believe in love. Why the drama and the crime and the heartbreak? Because life sucks sometimes, and my invisible friends have a lot to say.

People come into your life and they inspire you. Whether they inspire you for a negative reason or a positive reason varies, but inspiration is everywhere. I was inspired by my invisible friends and now that they rely on me to keep their world alive, and there are a few people out there who want to know how they’re doing, I can’t let my invisible friends down.

Find your inspiration and nurture it.


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