Solitary solidarity

Here I am. Going solo. It’s how I dance. I’m a self-published indie author. Hang on, let me call my editor … wait, that’s me. Cover designer? Me. Street team? Me. Teaser maker? Me. Publisher? Me. P A? Me.  I also have a full time job, three children and an extended family.  Are you expecting a complaint? I have no complaints. As the person responsible for all of these things, I have no one to complain to except me anyway.

I love telling stories. Since my first book hit iBooks in March 2015, I have learned a lot. I’m proud of my growth as an artist. I learned how to make better covers and to format better and to be clearer in my objective. I did it by myself. I don’t need other people, but I want them.

Humans are social animals. We go to a lot of effort sometimes to be liked or admired or appreciated. Sometimes we say ‘take me as I am or not at all’.  Sometimes being around other people is an effort that we don’t want to make. It takes strength to put yourself out there knowing how many judgemental jerks need to tear other people down in order to feel valuable. It also takes strength to be alone.

Have faith in yourself. Maybe you lose faith in yourself and others sometimes, but get it back. This is life. Your life. Live it happy. If you can’t find solitary solidarity and like yourself, it makes it harder to be alone or to be with people. You can do it.





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