Crying isn’t negative

If you cried while reading one of my books, I’m glad. Not because I’m a mean person, but because I cried too. Some people don’t want to cry. They don’t want to read books or see news or hear things that will make them cry. They want to escape into a happy place full of laughter and sexy things and happy things. Oh yes, me too. I love happy movies, and I don’t watch the news. I see enough miserable shit and horrible people through every social media newsfeed with the latest crimes and whatnot, so if I’m watching a movie it’s going to be a happy one dagnabbit.

“No, we take the valleys with the mountains. You told me that a long time ago, and you’re right.” – Ditching Melody

Because I write family life / crime / drama, I’m immersed in both happy and sad things. Life is like that. I’m completely okay with it because I know crying is actually good for me. Not only because it relieves stress and improves overall health, but because responding to other people’s emotions is healthy. Feeling for other people improves your compassion and your overall sense of wellbeing and in turn your self-esteem.

Men cry and women cry and children cry, because we’re human. If you need an excuse to cry then take it. Watch that emotive movie, read that ‘ugly cry’ book, look at those cute puppies. Never be ashamed to cry.  Don’t hide your tears from your children or your spouse either. You’re not a robot.

If you find yourself crying about nothing, or you’re not able to articulate what’s making you cry, you may have depression and that’s a whole other thing. Start a conversation and don’t let it fester.

If  negativity could be absolved with a single tear shed in compassion, that would be amazing. It can’t, but if you feel for people (real or imaginary) and you have sympathy and/or empathy there is hope for humanity.   If more people genuinely cared and genuinely felt for people, it would be a positive experience for everyone.

So, just remember that while the thing that makes you cry might sometimes be negative, crying isn’t negative. Be you.


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