Hit by the hype bus

“Look out! Hype!” You’re likely to be either hit by the hype bus or take two steps back and eye roll. You’ve always been told “don’t believe the hype” and where are you now? Are you caught up in it or are you standing there watching? Watch out for the people who came late, they may be trying to get into the carnage or asking bystanders what’s going on.

Hype. Here in the book world it could be anything from a misunderstood post to a must read that sucks to a banned book that isn’t really banned to a debate about bestseller labels.

Mob mentality comes in many forms. When people are so easily influenced by their peers and conform with the ‘herd’ there is an instantaneous deindividualisation that occurs. You are no longer you, but part of a collective. You are doing something you wouldn’t normally do because ‘everyone else is doing it’. Stop.

If you want to avoid being hit by the hype bus –

  • turn off the auto-pilot,
  • think about what you really want,
  • don’t be afraid to be different,
  • and stop using “I’ll have what s/he’s having” as your default.

This is your life to live. If you’re going to get hit by the hype bus, at least consciously make that decision.  That way if you regret it later, you can justify it as a reasoned decision and ‘show your working’.


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