Post-publish depression

I’ve published eleven books. I’ve written more than War and Peace, and I’m writing two more books right now. I love writing and telling the stories of the people in the Ruthless Beings World. I love the reality and the drama and the love my characters bring me.

My last book had me crying a lot. It’s healthy, I know, but it’s also hard. Seven people purchased that book, and only two have read it as far as I know. They cried too and there’s a joy in sharing that experience. But it’s over.

There’s a strange feeling that comes over me post-publishing, and I would describe it as a depression. In much the same way a reader might have a book hangover, and experience emotional distress that the book is over, I get P-P D.  I write family-life literary fiction, with crime and drama and love.  The characters and I ride an emotional rollercoaster together, and then I hit publish.

I miss them. What do you do when you miss someone? Mope or distract. So then maybe a new book starts and you’re getting to know someone new, but then you think about the other books. Is anyone reading them and bringing the characters back  to life? Are they loving them like you did?

If you have read me or are reading me, and you want to talk to me about the characters or stories at any time, please visit me on Facebook @ruthgjulianobooks and send me a message. It helps with my P-P D to know my characters are alive somewhere.




3 thoughts on “Post-publish depression

  1. I too have suffered from P-P-D. I recently completed a children’s book project I started over 25 years ago. I poured my heart into it. Mind you, it is but a children’s book, but it is mine and I created it from the inner most part of me. I tried to sell online…no success…I made it into and iBook…nobody bought it….I am now giving it away for free on the iBook store for Apple. Sad thing is there is still little activity. I guess at some point we as authors and dreamers have to be content that we followed through completed a dream. That is more than most people can say. We did not let fear stop us, and we will not let it get us down. Thnx for your post.

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