Freebies: fab or flop?

You’ve heard the best things in life are free. You love getting a freebie. Something for nothing. No strings attached because it’s free, right? Free is free. Well…

Sometimes when you’re out shopping there’s a table set up with free samples of a new line of food. You try it, you like it, you pick up some and throw it in your shopping trolley. OR you have no intention of buying any, but it’s a free sample so you take it, you put the product in your shopping trolley and then when you’re out of sight of the trial table… you dump it somewhere.

The latter is the most common scenario experienced by authors who give books away. The majority of people flock to the freebie and download it because it’s free, but they have no intention of reading it. When an author has a competition, people flock to win the prize and when they win they are so excited and grateful that they . . . don’t bother claiming the gift from Amazon or download it but it goes on the pile of freebies. FLOP.

This doesn’t always happen. Some people are legitimately happy with the free book, read it, review it, discover a new author they would buy a book from and we all live happily ever after. FAB.

I personally don’t enter competitions unless I am interested in the prize, and I don’t download free books that I have no intention of reading.

Are the best things in life free? Maybe not always. So many saddened authors, so many impossible to be read (TBR) piles.




One thought on “Freebies: fab or flop?

  1. I signed up for Book Bub a few months ago. I’ve downloaded a lot of the free books that they’ve offered, but I’ve only actually read one of them. I’ll shamefully admit I’m part of this problem. I always think I’ll have time to read them sometime in the future, but that hasn’t happened yet…

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