Saturation Point

You know what the saturation point is, right? From a scientific perspective, it’s the point where no more of a particular substance can be absorbed into a solution. From a practical perspective, say a sponge absorbing water until it’s full. Let’s go food now. Staying with your folks and thinking “meat and three veggies again? No!”

People? Oh yeah. Those people who are full on all the time, saying the same things over and over, with their attention seeking antics. You’re laughing at their posts, you’re commenting and liking, you’re throwing out emojis like confetti . . . Then after a while it’s a slight smile, a like, no comment . . . Then it gets to the ‘eye roll scroll by’ stage and then you just unfollow.

Books? Hmm. Due to the increasing technology and the opportunities for indie authors to self-publish, there are a lot more books and a lot more places to get them. There’s no shortage of books, but some genres are saturated. Some books are so much the same, and so forgettable, that people are starting to eye roll and move away.

You have limited time on this planet. Use it well. Don’t drown yourself in boring food, annoying people, or ‘cookie cutter’ books. Try new tastes, converse with lots of different people, and read wider.  You’ll find that living beyond the saturation point is a lot of fun. A life lived well, is a life well – lived. Obviously.


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