Self-harm is no substitute for love

Self-harm is often misunderstood. People make assumptions about the how and why and about people’s mental stability and their suicidality. Some people can’t understand why people hurt themselves.  I personally don’t understand why people hurt others. Self-harm is a personal experience. The reasons behind it are unique to the individual as is their method of harm.  People who care about people who self-harm just want them to stop before they kill themselves, that’s where they see the outcome and they might be right.

Ending Sib is the life story of Riley.  He was a cameo character in the seventh book of the Ruthless Beings series. People liked him. I like him. As I got to know him, I liked him even more. His story made me cry. I know, that’s a good thing, right? No tears in the author, no tears in the reader. I know. It’s hard though. It’s hard to watch someone else suffer. Of course, there are people who like to watch other people suffer (that’s a whole other blog post).  Riley is not attention-seeking in the way you might think.  Everyone likes good attention. He doesn’t self-harm for attention. He self-harms for relief. Is he crazy? Is he dangerous? Is he someone you should cross the street to avoid?

Riley is a person. He’s a person who is hurting. Like all people, he has needs and wants.

He needs help.
He needs understanding.
He needs love.

He wants to help.
He wants to understand.
He wants to love.

Read more. Learn more. Love more.


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