Your taboo is making me sick.

**RANT WARNING** I lost FB friends when I said I didn’t want to watch FSOG at the movies. I’ll probably lose some for this too, but as an advocate for the vulnerable I know what’s important to me. Like me, you’re allowed to think what you want and read what you want.
I have to get this out – I am SICK, and I mean SICK of seeing these step-father/daughter erotica. Fed up. I already did a post on this about “Electra”, but the last one I saw, 24 pages of “HOT” between a man who is supposed to be a father-figure and a woman reaching adulthood? F*** off.  According to the blurb he’s been biding his time for her to become an adult so he can show her what ‘daddy like’. Yep. If that’s what you want to spend your ninety-nine cents on, go for it.  Do I have to see the teasers for this in my newsfeed? Do I have to hear what ‘daddy like’?  Apparently I do, and I wish I didn’t because they make me feel sick. The verbiage, the images, all of it.
I’m allowed to have this view and you’re allowed to read them and write them, and not feel the least bit bad about it. We’re individuals and I respect that. I write crime and family life.  Some people in my books really suffer in their families. Sexual abuse and domestic violence, but I would NEVER glorify these things. I write these things as crimes, because that’s what they are.  And I write how people deal with them and get over them, and how they suffer for the sins of other people. Incest is a crime. Grooming minors is a crime. Sexual assault is a crime.
There are people who won’t read books with cheating in them, because they can’t/ won’t/ don’t want to and that is absolutely their choice. I believe in choice. I know people will keep writing these “taboo” erotica to appeal to certain people. And that’s fine. They have the choice. So for the ‘no cheating’ people, here we are with a man cheating on his wife with the person who is supposed to be his daughter or the young woman seducing her mother’s husband. Jump on me. Tell me that it’s okay because they’re not biologically related or the mother died or passion should never be denied. Love and sex are two different things.
In my series, there are men who are older than their partner and they knew her as a child and they’re in a polyamorous relationship, but it is VERY CLEAR they never entertained sexual thoughts about her as a child.  You can think I’m hypocritical, but I’m talking about people in positions of authority and respect for a parent/child relationship.
Adoptive and foster parents aren’t biologically related to their children either, but by the rationale that makes step-father/daughter “romance” okay, once they’re all consenting adults there’s no issue.  Uh huh. I disagree. And I’m allowed to have that opinion just like you’re allowed to enjoy the illicit sex without caring who they are. Question. Do you see a pattern? Do you see a pathway?  So many young people are groomed and sexually abused by people in positions of authority, but it’s okay once they’re legally adults because then it’s apparently a HOT taboo. Excuse me while I throw up.


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