Tired of hawking my escape

Yeah, I’m tired of hawking my wares right now. It happens. Promo is tough. Especially when you’re selling an unpopular concept.  I’m not giving up, I’m just a little tired. Selling ice blocks on a hot day – easy. Selling books about real life struggles and crime – hard.  Escapism. Do you know what that is? Of course you do.

Escapism – the tendency to seek distraction and relief from unpleasant realities, especially by seeking entertainment or engaging in fantasy.

The bind? My books deal with unpleasant realities and how people cope with them.  Most people  want to shuffle off the drudgery of their reality by escaping into someone else’s amazing life of thrills, hot sex, dreamy romance, alien places or sexy vampires and animal shapeshifter lovers.

How does the author who writes in a direct and simple way about realistic crime and love fit into escapism? Easy. I fit in to the place where the voyeur observes the lives of others. I fit with the soap opera fans who can keep up with the inter-relatedness of a cast of characters. I fit in where people like to think. I fit in a niche away from the ab-laiden covers and the erotica and the glamour. I fit where people like listening in to conversations (I’m all about the conversations) and can quickly judge people about what they’re doing. I fit where people can take in a lot of information from the basics and not give a damn about the scenery. I fit where people want to see resolve, resilience and recovery.

Who wants to read about every day heroes, those extraordinary people with extraordinary lives?  Who wants to know how people cope with domestic violence, sexual assault, being shot or stabbed, death, stereotyping, racism, polyamorous relationships, family dynamics, mental health issues, dangerous criminals, losing yourself in goals, and how far people will go for love? Well, I do. That’s why I wrote them.

Promo is hard. Hawking a different kind of escape is hard. Believing in yourself when people keep passing your stall to see the prettier faces is hard. Life is hard. All I can do is take a little break, close my eyes and remember who I am, tell myself that it’s okay to be different, then get back up and start hawking again.



5 thoughts on “Tired of hawking my escape

  1. A breather is needed sometimes just to step back, analyze where you are and where you want to be and why. Then pull up the bootstraps and keep chugging along, pretty lady.

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  2. […] So how do you stand out on F*c*book when the sex in your books is not always a good thing or a bad thing and certainly not what the whole book is about? It’s hard. Sex sells. I can show you half a dozen indie authors who changed the covers of their books to half-naked guys to improve sales. I’m not going there, because that’s not who will read me. Who will read me? Someone looking for something different. Someone looking to learn and to feel. But how do you reach them in the sex-pool that F*c*book appears to be? Keep at it. Keep standing out. Keep being different. Keep trying to reach your people. They’re swimming upstream here too. I’ve looked for FB blogs for my type of books but they’re not there. I feel like I’m in a life raft alone here sometimes, so I am open to any suggestions you have. I’m raising my hand to tell you I’m drowning. I’m at the same point I was a year ago with hawking my escape. […]


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