Diverse thinking

Diverse means variety. If variety doesn’t exist then life would be dull. There should be diversity in books. There should be a range of styles and stories and characters and situations and experiences available for readers.

The wonderful thing is that because there are so many options available you get a choice. You can choose to read the same thing over and over. You can choose to read different genres. You can choose to never read a particular author or a particular genre or a particular theme.

The sad thing is that some people want to write off diversity in books as a fad. They think that books about cultures or sexual preference or social issues will just fade away because the popularity of vampire and zombie books (and other themes) changes over time. It’s sad because it shows ignorance. It shows ignorance to the fact that homosexuality is not a myth, having heritage from somewhere-other-than-here is not a trend, and being differently abled is not a phase.

Cookie cutters are for cookies. Books are for people, all people, and this is not a fad.


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