Jaded Reader’s Syndrome

How many books have you read this year? What type of books do you like? Are you reading the types of books you like? Have you picked up a pity purchase or freebie and you’re terrified to leave feedback because you hated it THAT much?  Hmm. You may have Jaded Reader’s Syndrome.  Don’t worry, it’s not genetic or contagious. I just made it up. First definition you’ll probably come to on Google for jaded:

bored or lacking enthusiasm, typically after having had too much of something.

That poor book, you monster. HA HA HA. Some people really like to read the same thing over and over and over. You know, boy meets girl, issue, unbelievable romance, hot sex and they all live happily ever after… or whatever your favourite things in a book are. We have twenty six letters to use from the alphabet.  We arrange and rearrange them to tell a story.  Some people do it well, some people do it really well, and some people do it really really well.

If you’ve become a jaded reader, it may be either that all the books are the same or that the one you’re reading is just too different.  I know that some people are better at getting their point across than others, some people are born story-tellers and some struggle. Some say too much, some say too little. There’s no single reason why a book has gone ‘wrong’ for you.  Maybe you just need to read a little less for a bit, or stick to what you like, or go for something completely different. Okay, I have no idea. Try something! Just don’t always blame the book.


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