Cold opinions

There’s an awesome Australian band called Kisschasy, and they have a song from their ‘Hymns for the nonbeliever’ album called “Opinions won’t keep you warm at night”.  Even without hearing the song, it’s a relatable statement.  People get ‘shot down’ all the time for having an opinion.  I don’t think a person’s opinion can be wrong. It’s their opinion, they own it.  In some cases their opinion is ill-informed, but it is what it is.

People get mixed up between what an opinion is, what an attitude is and what a belief is.  An opinion is basically a person’s expressed judgement on something based on what they know.  An attitude is the tendency to act in a particular way towards a person or situation.  A belief is an acceptance that something is true even without empirical evidence.

Opinions can change because sometimes when people get more information about a topic they reconsider the conclusion they’ve drawn. Some stubborn people think that they can’t change an opinion once they’ve expressed it and so they stick with it.  Expressing an opinion can lead to retribution, and most people want to avoid fights wherever possible. (Most people, some people love arguing).  Why do people beat other people down for their opinion?  Why can’t people just accept that they have an opinion that may differ from other peoples?

Sometimes ‘opinions’ come across as just being cold, or being sour grapes, or being nasty for the sake of it, but each to their own.  People shouldn’t be afraid to express an opinion, even being aware of what will happen when they do.



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