I cry. Sometimes when I don’t want to cry, I cry. If I’m really emotional about a topic, or if I’m already stressed about something else and I’m trying to keep it together, I cry. When I’m reading sometimes, I cry. Watching  a sad news story, I cry. Is this normal? Yes. Why? Because there’s no such thing as normal.  Would I walk down the street with tears on my face? Yes.  Would I cry in front of my children? Yes. Would I tell my children to stop crying? Sometimes, yes. Usually long enough for me to find out why they’re crying. Big girls do cry and so do men.

“You’re funny.”
“I was trying to be. I don’t want you to be upset.”
“M D C. I know.”
“No, that’s not the reason. I don’t believe that men don’t cry. You can release your emotions however you choose, but I don’t think this situation is irreparable.”

Sometimes when people read about men crying in my books, they are surprised. Why? Because society often pushes the notion that men don’t cry, or even “real” men don’t cry. But it’s not true. Men do cry. They’re human. Hu-man. Perhaps some men have better self-control when it comes to tears, perhaps they’re just well-trained, perhaps they cry when no one’s looking. But men do cry.  Societal pressure comes in all forms, and so does stereotyping.  If you’re judging a man as ‘weak’ or ‘girly’ because he cries then you need to stop that.  Humans are complicated and his tears aren’t hurting you. (They may be making you feel emotional, but they are not physically hurting you.)


One thought on “M D C

  1. […] Men cry and women cry and children cry, because we’re human. If you need an excuse to cry then take it. Watch that emotive movie, read that ‘ugly cry’ book, look at those cute puppies. Never be ashamed to cry.  Don’t hide your tears from your children or your spouse either. You’re not a robot. […]


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