The story in my eyes

Look into my eyes. Ever seen a set of eyes like these before? See those white bits in the blue? If you ask an iridologist they’ll probably tell you I need more rest. These are my eyes. Maybe they change colour if I’m annoyed, maybe they sparkle when I’m happy, maybe they’ll be misty when they’re marred by pain, but they’re constantly mine. When I’m telling you a story, it’s through my eyes. The way I see the story, the words I choose, the sequence I choose for the words… my eyes.

They say that eyes are the window to the soul. As we age, our eyes tend to be constant. Your hair greys, your skin wrinkles, your posture may slacken, but your eyes are your eyes. Telling an author to write differently, to write like you want them to write, to tell the story how YOU see it is asking them to change their eyes.

You want a different style or story? Look into a different set of eyes. Indie authors are generally very approachable people. If you have questions about their story, or the style they’ve chosen, then ask. We’re story tellers. We like to talk about our stories.


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