Read love differently

The sight of two men holding hands is confronting for some people. People are funny about love. Some people have fixed views on what love means, and about who and how they can love. The men depicted here are brothers. If it was two little boys holding hands to cross the street, or hugging each other, or sleeping on each other’s shoulder, it would be “okay” but when it’s grown men there is a whole different feeling for some people.

Sadly, that level of affection is something that some people grow out of and being demonstrative to the people they love ceases because of societal pressure. Humans need human contact. If the sight of grown men holding hands is confronting for you, if it immediately has a sexual connotation to you, if you can’t imagine holding your same sex siblings hand at this age – that’s okay. But remember that not everyone thinks like you do, and that’s okay too.

Relationships between human beings are complicated. There are so many changeable factors in relationships. Some people live for the volatility in their relationship; fighting and arguing like their survival depends on it, and then making up just as passionately. Some people really do marry their best friend, and their relationship has a mix of friendship, passion, familiarity, borderline ignorance, and constant acceptance. Some relationships are about sex and superficiality and instant gratification. Some relationships are about commitment and going through the motions. There are so many variants.

Love is what it is, and even though it’s cringe-worthy to some people to have siblings so close, or to wrap their head around the polyamorous relationship in the Ruthless Beings series, it’s love. Amethyst says “love comes in all shapes, colours, sizes and styles, you know” and she’s right. Read love differently.


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