Underlying the Ruthless Beings

Subtleties and surprises are all well and good, but because I write distant third person point of view, and the gorgeous people are inside the book not on the cover, it’s probably hard to see why you would want to read the series.  So, here’s what underlies the Ruthless Beings. Bearing in mind that I never know what I’m going to write in a blog post, I just sit and type (same way I write my books).

The series came about (as stated previously) from a different place and grew into something else. The psychology snuck its way in there, probably because of my background and love of people, and the end result is a series of books that make sense in some ways but no sense in others.  In the blurb you’re hearing about the ‘billionaire baby’, a coming of age story, a person trying to find their way in the world. You’re probably instantly put off by the fact that she’s an heiress, but you don’t know her yet. I’m doing away with stereotypes, I’m pointing out the media’s blatant disregard for the truth at times, I’m undoing ‘normal’ and I’m making weird acceptable.

The Ruthless Beings series is a generational saga. It could go on forever. And if I told you the truth, if I told that the series involves a complicated three way relationship based on psychological theory, psychic ability, abused people, abusive people, people who end up in ridiculous situations and think they’re crime fighting superheroes, people who are just getting on with an everyday life, people who enjoy hurting other people, people who manipulate and pervert, people who don’t know how great they really are and people who just want to be loved, would you want to know why? Would you want to know ‘why the Desiderata’? Would you want to know why there is no florid description of really anything surrounding you? Would you want to know why these people can do the things they do and think it’s okay? Would you understand that everyone has the potential to be a Ruthless Being, but everyone also has the potential to grow?

It’s just a story, like any other story, except I’m telling it.




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