Sometimes too late

You hear it a lot – “it’s never too late” – but the reality is that it is sometimes too late. It’s written in my books, and, with the recent passing of my grandmother (Penny passed on) and also David Bowie’s death and other deaths such as those from “coward”punches and domestic violence, that view has been confirmed.

Family members who haven’t had any connection or care or concern for my grandmother in a long time will attend her funeral this week. People have regrets. They regret not saying what they could have said, or should have said or done, and that wouldn’t happen if they just said what they wanted to say or showed people how they felt.

Sometimes it’s safe to assume that someone knows that you love them, but it doesn’t hurt to tell them. Sometimes your pride prevents you from telling someone you’re sorry, but maybe you’ll be more hurt regretting not giving that apology. Sometimes departures (final or even temporary) are unexpected, sometimes wishes are all you have, sometimes you’ll feel foolish saying what you want to say, but sometimes… too late.


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