They’re not covered

As I mentioned in “Judging books by their covers”, there is a lot more to a book than the cover. It’s an obvious statement. If you just want to look at covers, they’re pictures, you can do that. If you want to feel for a character and get to know them, you need to read the book. I’ve read a few comments lately about people being disappointed that the description of the character in the book is nothing like the cover, and that they’re sick of seeing people on covers, and then there’s the “blind date” books in bookshops that are wrapped in brown paper with only a description of the book.

My characters aren’t on the covers, they’re not covered. There are a few parts of people on some of the covers, but not much. The reason is that not only could I not find someone who looks exactly like what I imagine my characters to look like (although Mike Thurston is pretty close some days), but I can’t find someone who looks like what YOU imagine the characters to look like. I don’t use excessive description in my books, because to me it’s not relevant to the way I want to tell the story, but I know that how I picture the characters to look won’t be the same for you.

That gorgeous six foot two, strong, tanned, half Aussie-half Italian man, and his six foot one adorable¬†brother, who are mentoring the ‘billionaire baby’ (and the way they look in their suits) is all happening in my head. They’re not the guys on the cover, they’re the guys in the pages. They’re the guys talking while you’re ‘listening’. They’re the guys taking action while you’re having a reaction.

Don’t get stuck on the cover. The beauty of imagination isn’t all on the cover. It’s the words the author has chosen to put together to tell you a story, in their own words, sequenced and used in the way they want. The people you can fall for, hate, admire, be pissed off with, roll your eyes at… they’re not covered they’re paged.


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