Losing the likes of you :(

If you remember back to ‘Why are you following me?’ and my talk about the follow/unfollow phenomenon on Twitter, you will remember that it isn’t something I fully understand or am concerned about. Social media is a fickle thing. “Flavour of the month” is replaced by the minute, not by the month. Viral videos are rapidly replaced by the next virus. People change their mind.

Facebook is another tricky one. When someone unlikes your page, you always know. It’s there, in RED, and it’s pointing down on the graph, and it’s showing you plainly that you lost someone. Then you wonder: What happened? What did I say? Who did I offend? Why did they stop liking me?

Imagine if it happened in real life. Imagine if you were sitting there, having coffee with a friend, and an alert appeared on your forehead. A red graph line, dropping below the base line, showing that someone no longer liked you. ‘How embarrassing‘ you think as you look at your self in the reflection of your cutlery. Everyone knows. They can see I had twenty six friends yesterday and now I only have twenty five. Two people look over at you in the cafe and smile. You smile back. You just got two pity likes. Phew.

Luckily, Facebook isn’t real life. We’re never going to know why people like and unlike us unless they care to tell us. In the grander scheme of things, and on Facebook in particular, it isn’t a problem. Even with 159 likes on my page, my average post is only seen by 5 people. What’s there to like, or UNLIKE for that matter? So, if you’re losing likes on Facebook, don’t sweat it. Unless someone sends you a message and says “I unliked your page because…” then the reason probably has nothing to do with you.

I’m grateful for every granule of positivity I get, so thank you. I’m happy to be listened to by the likes of you 🙂



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