I sold a book and I liked it…

The first book sale I had happened on my birthday. A good friend, as a gift to me, wanted to be my first ever sale. She took me to lunch and she bought my book right there in the pizza shop on her phone the day it was released. I don’t think she’s even had time to read it, but she bought it to show her support and I appreciated it. When I released that book I had no idea what I was doing, and I probably still don’t. I’m an amateur, I know that. I don’t write like other people, I know that too.

About five years ago, my husband bought me an 8.9″ Asus Eee PC for Christmas (aka Family Tree Day) and it was a huge surprise. He’s always been inconsistent in the gift giving department and likes to keep me guessing. He said it was because he knew I wanted to write, and that’s what it was for. I was over-the-top excited, and I loaded it with some games and used it to load songs onto my iPod, but I never wrote on it. I was busy with working 9 to 5, and family life, and where we lived was adding an extra hour and a half, sometimes more, to our travel time every day.

In the middle of last year, I had a sudden inspiration to write. I picked up the computer and moved it into the lounge room where the kids liked to hang out and play, and started typing some ideas. Then I closed the computer and three months later, I opened it again and it appeared to be broken. After it came back to life from being abandoned mid-sentence, I looked at what I had written and a lightbulb went off over my head. Turns out it was the kids playing with the dimmer switch, but in any case, I put them to bed and began typing like a woman possessed. When I looked up it was two in the morning and ten thousand words had appeared. By the end of the month, writing only after everyone was asleep, I had written ABC. You know what happened next (because you read about it in Why I broke the rules).

I can’t really explain in words how excited and nervous and emotional I get when I sell a book. It’s like a dream come true. And when I recently sold a book in the UK I was so excited I did a handstand (forgetting my age and location) and I realised it was two books and then I became emotional and I sought high-fives from my eldest son, and I told my parents and I hugged my youngest ones, and I texted my husband because he’s away and … I’m getting a little teary now.  Not everyone will like my work, I know that, and I don’t doubt that I will get compared/marked down/ criticised by some, and maybe some will like it, but either way, I welcome it… someone taking a chance on me means everything to me. It’s a gift.

I sold a book and I liked it … a lot!


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