Introducing Family Tree Day

Hi, I’m Ruth G Juliano.  You may not know me, but I’m an independent Australian author who’s self-published some books and written a few blog posts. Oh, and I’ve done other stuff but not as RGJ.  Anyway, in an attempt to save Santa, I mentioned Family Tree Day.  I frequently refer to Christmas as this anyway, but then I wondered, is it something that could spread?

Christmas Day is a public holiday. A lot of companies and other places close down over Christmas. Why? So that people can spend time with their family. Are people who aren’t of a Christian faith entitled to the public holiday? Yes, of course they are.  They want to spend time with their family too. (Family doesn’t have to be blood).  Do people who aren’t of a Christian faith give gifts, and have big meals, and hang out with their ‘peeps’ during this time? Yes, of course they do.

I think decorating a tree is fun, singing is fun, eating is fun, giving people presents is fun, having at least one day a year when you know you can pin your family down for a joyous occasion is fun. So, why not Family Tree Day?  Why not get a tree, decorate it, buy presents, have your family around, eat big and celebrate it as Family Tree Day if you don’t dig “Christmas” as a concept? Celebrate it the same day, every year, guaranteed time off, decorate your family tree, hang out with your family… ’tis the season to be jolly.  If EVERYONE was jolly at the same time, just one day a year, wouldn’t that be awesome? Think about it.  #FamilyTreeDay


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