The gentler sex

All books in the Ruthless Beings series are rated 18+ for content. They are not erotic fiction but there are sex scenes and adult concepts; topics that may be uncomfortable for some people. I’m here to entertain and educate. But let’s talk about sex (the act of sex).

Sex in the Ruthless Beings books is complicated. If you read the books you’ll understand how and why. The sex is probably gentler than you might see in other books too. That sounds strange doesn’t it?

“I thought that sex was an expression of love but I also know that sex can be an ugly and scary thing too.”

If you look around the ebook shelves, you’ll see a lot of erotic fiction, a lot of “teasers” with the F-word, people having ‘perfect’ sex, ‘rough’ sex, ‘mind-blowing’ sex, sex that’s about sex, and all about the physical stuff, which is exactly what you want in erotic fiction. But I don’t write erotic fiction, and for many people something goes a lot deeper (pardon the pun) and it is more than physical. Sex is a part of life and in a lot of ways essential to the plot of the series, I mean, after all, that’s how we all got here. That’s not to say that “sex for sex’s sake” doesn’t happen, it does, even between happily married couples.  What am I trying to say? In this series – sex is essential to life, using the f-word is not essential to sex, sex means different things to different people, sometimes there’s more to sex than sex. Oh, and sex.


2 thoughts on “The gentler sex

  1. I totally agree, Ruth. I think there are stories where sex plays a role in characterization and plot, just as violence does. I find it interesting that our culture is squeamish about a sex act, even a loving one, and completely unfazed by horrifying violence.

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