If I’d wanted to be famous…

Keep calmIf I’d wanted to be famous, I could have done something stupid, outlandish, breast-baring, or maybe even heroic. If I’d wanted to be famous, maybe I wouldn’t have used a pen name. If I’d wanted to be famous, I would have found a way by now.  Do I want to be famous? If by famous you mean ‘known about by many people’, then yes, maybe I do. I’ve done something kind of dumb though when you think about it. I’ve bared my soul to the world without any idea what I’m doing. Luckily, hardly anyone has heard of me yet so if I made a few typos in the first releases, no one will know. I did something else that was kind of dumb, and that’s given my ideas away, but what choice do you have when you want to “get out there” and hope someone sees you and wants to give you a chance?

There are some people who are already ‘famous’, they have a big fan base, and people hungry for more, but they’ve run out of ideas. Where do they get them? All over the place. Blogs, blurbs, tweets, from people no one has ever heard of, but what can you do? Here’s what you can do. Never give up. If people can’t be anything but a bastardised version of you and several other people, meh. Stay flattered, and keep smiling.

(See also – “Flattery or fraud?”)


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