Brotherly love

babiesThe bond between brothers is intense in this series. They have a family of eight siblings all together. There are seven sons and one daughter. They’re a pretty close family, but these two are inseparable. For years now there has been a barrier between them. The older brother, not wanting to let his best friend down, hasn’t told him everything about his life.  His goal is always to keep his little brother safe and to maintain his reputation so his little brother has someone to admire.

Big brother makes a mistake. He does something he’s always wanted to do, but it’s the wrong thing and now they may never be friends again.  How much would you give up for the person you love most in the world? At what cost to yourself would you ensure their happiness? What would it take to make you realise what’s really important in your life?

Sometimes the barriers between people who really love each other can seem insurmountable, but if you stop for a second and think about this – How would you feel if you never got to see them again? What if the last thing you said to them was the last thing you ever got to say to them? 

Whatever the issue is would seem petty compared to never having them in your life again, wouldn’t it?


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