Am I too indie?

How can you be too indie? Well, as I said in “why I broke the rules”, I didn’t follow rules to get here. I don’t have an editor, or a cover maker, or any models, and I do the whole thing myself including conversion. I have made some mistakes, okay, several mistakes. Some people may hold that against me. They may see the updates I made to my books for minor typographical errors and go “Oh for f***’s sake get an editor”. But I don’t want an editor, so I have to hope that people will forgive the fact that I’m an amateur and focus on the story.

One person I spoke to said that they hadn’t even noticed when they read the book and I initially wondered how that was possible, but of course I had done that myself. They said ‘your brain only reads the first and last letter and makes up the rest.’ I smiled. They really didn’t mind, they really liked the story. It is embarrassing though. On one of the updates I did, I accidentally uploaded the wrong version of the book.  It was six hundred words shorter! Oops, major oops, and then I wondered how the readers went on Google Play where it just updates without you doing anything. The ground didn’t open and swallow me. I took it in my stride, with a guilty whistle.

So, I’ve made some “minor typographical errors”, and maybe if I had an editor that wouldn’t have happened.  I don’t want an editor. I want to do it this way. And that’s my choice. And despite the meme below, I don’t have anything against editors or authors that use editors.  I know I’m not you.

I guess I am too indie, too independent, but I’m an amateur and I still love what I do.


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