Who are my friends?

You get to pick your friends. Sometimes your friends pick you. Sometimes people just attach themselves to you and say they’re your friend. Maybe you don’t want to hurt their feelings, so you accept that you’re friends. It happens all the time on social media. Facebook for example is the biggest circle of “friends” some people have. Sometimes they have five hundred friends. Complete strangers that they accept friend requests from. Complete strangers that they’re willing to share their children’s pictures with, or their home videos with, complete strangers they’re willing to share their life with, complete strangers they blurt our everything to, but why? Is there a competition to see who has the most friends? What about the danger in that? In the instant that you accept that friend request, they’re in. They can download all of your pictures, they can find out where you live from what you say and the pictures of your house, they know all your kids names if they see them around, and they can find out a lot about you by what you post and the comments that you make. Isn’t the purpose of Facebook to allow you to keep in contact with your actual friends because you’re separated by distance, or busy lives, or for another reason?

The main character in my book is nineteen when the books begin. She has no friends. She wasn’t allowed to have friends growing up. Everyone she meets she looks at as a potential friend because she wants to have friends. Everyone wants to have lots of friends right? But why? Does the number of friends you have validate your existence? No. Does the number of friends you have win you an award? No.  Are any of these people really your friends?  I hope so. Would they come to your rescue? Would they drop everything to help you out? Would they defend you in your absence? Some characters in the books have no friends outside of their family. Their partner is their best friend, or their brother is their best friend, or their sister in law, or  they have a few friends that they see every now and then.

Having a few good friends is better than being surrounded by sycophants. Ask yourself, who are my friends?


One thought on “Who are my friends?

  1. I don’t get the whole “friends” thing either to be honest but I imagine that might be because I’m a bit older than the target for fb and I’ve learned the hard lesson. A 19 year old would probably still be very immersed in it.

    I’ve had other writers friend me on fb to my personal account and I’ve had to ignore it because I would rather not have complete strangers looking at any personal photos. Not that I put anything up.

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