Fictional character speaks out

The is an excerpt from the fifth book in the Ruthless Beings series. She is a fictional character, but she has something to say based on her experience and I’d like you to ‘hear’ it. 

“Domestic violence happens every day in Australia. It happens against children, against women and also against men. People tend to forget that men are victims too. We hear about the women, and it’s tragic, because it frequently results in a horrible death and leaves innocent children with no parents; their mother being deceased and their father incarcerated. The statistics of male domestic violence victims often show up as suicide, alcoholism and drug addiction, and depression. And there are children too; many precious children who don’t know that life can be any different.

“All my life I wanted to be no one. I wanted to blend in and not be seen. I didn’t want to stand out or for anyone to think I was any different to anyone else. When you look like I do, and your family has a lot of money, it’s hard to hide. Maybe I don’t want to hide anymore. Maybe I want someone to see me and listen to me, and for my plea to be heard. I’m not asking a lot. What I’m asking is really simple. I think it takes less effort to do what I’m asking you to do than it does not to do it. So here it is. Stop. I’m asking you to stop. You don’t have the right to physically, sexually or emotionally abuse another person. If you do, that makes you a criminal, and a violator of basic human rights.

“You probably think that you know me from what you’ve read in magazines, and that my life was perfect, well, it wasn’t. I was hurt, threatened and or humiliated in my own home on an almost daily basis my whole life, until I got some reprieve by going away to school for a couple of years, and then when I moved out of home not long before turning twenty. And do you know what I did about it? Nothing. I believed I deserved it. I believed that everyone was treated that way. I believed that people in positions of authority could be trusted to do the right thing. I was wrong.

“Stop hurting other people. Stop putting up with being hurt. Stop saying silent when you see someone suffering. Domestic violence can stop with you. ”


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