Why are you following me?

There are some circumstances under which you want people to follow you. Down a dark alley maybe isn’t one of them (note I said maybe).  Twitter. That’s where you want people to follow you, because if no one is following you that means no one is listening to you.  I’m fairly new to Twitter and I’m still trying to figure it out.  In one of my tweets I likened Twitter to trying to read newspapers stuck to the wall of a tunnel you were driving through at 100 kilometres an hour. I try to click on all the links and read blogs and articles, and to look at books, and then when I come back there are another thirty tweets.

I’m surrounded on Twitter by other brilliant authors who are trying to be heard too, and I wondered if we’re only talking to each other. They’re writers, they don’t have much time to read, and they’re unlikely to read my books. I love it though, because i like to see their work and their pitch and to retweet to support them, like they are for me. I joined Twitter to be available to my fan base and maybe even to find a fan base. I wanted to connect with my readers and have them be able to talk to me from all over the world and to get my work out there.

I get excited, because it says I have a new follower then I realise I have less followers than yesterday. Why is that? Some of the people who were following me and left had been trying to sell me something, some followed me so I would follow them and then they unfollowed me. I can only guess. Maybe I’m boring. I don’t know why they’re following me really, but as long as they’re following me at least I know I’m talking to someone. They say in space no one can hear you scream, but in cyberspace someone will hear you eventually.

I still don’t get it really but I will keep following and being followed and unfollowed and one day, maybe, someone who has read my book will say ‘hi, I read your book’.


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