Why I broke the rules

I don’t have the time or the money to follow the rules. That would be the short answer. The longer answer is that some rules should be broken. I wrote a book and the story overtook me and took on a life of its own. I wanted to share it with people. I entered it with publishers and heard nothing. I looked at what I sent and thought ‘okay, you don’t love it like I do.’ I sat there wondering whether the publisher would just take my idea and give it to someone else, someone who didn’t need it, someone who already had a readership.

So I read what I wrote and a smile came to my face. This was more than a book, more than two books, it was a saga. Things appearing in those first three chapters could almost be books of their own. The publisher didn’t like it but that was okay. Their lack of response gave me time to rethink where I was going with it. Hmm. So I looked into self-publishing. I read a lot of negative reasons why it shouldn’t be done. I read about a lot of complicated ways people had achieved it, but then I saw how easy it could really be.

The belief that only big publishers know what the public wants and that you can’t sell a book without paying an editor or buying a cover weren’t ideas that I accepted. I’ve only sold about a dozen copies of my books so far. I haven’t given them away for free. I haven’t paid anyone to review them. I haven’t paid anyone to advertise them. I broke a lot of the ‘rules’ I’ve seen about how to do this and maybe I’m wrong. I’m an ‘amateur’ and I’m happy to stay that way because I love what I do. That’s why I broke the rules. I believe in my books in a way that a big publisher will never understand.


2 thoughts on “Why I broke the rules

  1. I found out about you because someone posted a link to your about polyamory blog post. I’m intrigued and look forward to finding your books and giving them a try. Are you on Amazon? If not where may i find your first book?

    And once i have been able to start writing again, i hope i can find ways to intrigue people as you have me.

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