No right way to write

Trying to edit your thoughts as you’re typing takes away from your story.  I recommend you don’t do it. All writers have their own dos and don’ts, which makes us all interesting and different. I’m not a best selling author, in fact I’m an independent author who has sold a couple of books, and I do the editing and cover art myself,  but I thought I’d share my experience with you anyway.

Brains obviously work a lot faster than hands. A nerve impulse travels at around 120 metres per second (390 feet). When the red line comes up and says the word is wrong, we’ll fix it now. That red line, green line, blue line, whatever colour line is telling us there’s an error, is demanding our attention. We’ve missed a word as we typed and we don’t notice, and neither does the computer. We read it back later and our brain, knowing what we wanted to say, fills in the word for us. We put ‘the’ instead of ‘they’ and the computer doesn’t care. We need more time to forget, so we should read it again later.

When I come back later I notice a word is missing, sometimes, not always.  (The beauty of ebooks is they can be corrected and back to the consumer quickly.) Next I’m going to look for unnecessary or overused words. I used the word ‘very’ 137 times, so I check them and see which ones I really need. Now I only have 19. That’s better.  Now I’m looking for the word “then”… wow, I’ve used the word 517 times. Hmmm. Looking at them in context and rethinking them, I only need 167 of them.  And so on.

But that’s just me and there really is no right way to write. Just WRITE ON!


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