Pieces of positive

During the process of writing my books, something interesting has happened to me.  Apart from having a lack of sleep and a whole lot of new imaginary friends, something else happened to me.  My characters got to me, and got me thinking, and I started seeing things.  You think I’m crazy right? Well maybe, but I’m not hallucinating, I’m seeing things.  Things that were always there, in plain sight, I was now seeing for the first time.  What were these things, you ask?  Simply put, they were pieces of positive.

What does that mean?  The eye of the beholder is looking for something, and the eyes are often critical. The eyes are looking for fault, anomaly or issue.  We’re all children and we know the critical eye.  It’s the one that notices your hair needs cutting, you have a loose thread, there’s a stain, there’s a blemish, your clothes are too revealing and so on.

I see pieces of positive everywhere. I have a nanosecond of superficial admiration for everyone that I pass. I wouldn’t open my mouth and say to them ‘you have a nice nose’ or ‘that suit looks good on you’ or ‘I like the way you walk’ or ‘your eyes are an interesting shade of brown’ or ‘you have nice wrists’ or ‘you chose a funny shirt’ because that could be misinterpreted, but I’m thinking it a lot more and it makes me smile.

Everyone has a piece of positive.  Try looking for it, instead of seeing the negatives, and you’ll be smiling more often.


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