Preserving the memories, digitally

Not about writing today, but along the lines of immortality of the written word. If you have ever received a beautiful artwork from a child, a colourful, chaotic, artwork, lovingly made for you then you will understand. They’re beautiful, the thought was lovely, but now what do you do with it? Boxes and boxes of artworks that we’re running out of space for and there will never be enough room on the fridge for everything. Then it hit me. I know what I need to do.
I am going to make the time to photograph them all, put them on an SD card and put the SD card into a digital photo frame. I will preserve the memories, keep the artworks forever and be able to admire them as they go by. Then I can thoughtfully dispose of the originals or use them as wrapping paper or do something with them.
While I won’t be able to hold them and feel the texture, I will actually get to see them and admire them and feel the way I felt when I saw them the first time. I think the children will like having their own moving gallery too.
Next will be all those greeting cards…


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