Immortality of the written word

Just like what is seen can’t be unseen, what is read, can’t be unread. Sometimes people wish they never sent that email or that letter or that memo but they did.  And the written word can become immortal. Just like the word ‘Eternity’ that appeared over and over on the streets of Sydney Australia for 35 years in chalk between 1932 and 1967, and was then featured on the Sydney Harbour Bridge to mark the year 2000 in the New Year’s firework display.  One single word, sparked interest and hope and fear and any number of things to many people.

The written word can be immortal. Books, centuries old, still there to be seen. Massive libraries full of books, some with the only remaining physical copy of a book. Old classics, going digital and making themselves known to a whole world of people who may never have had a chance before.  There are new authors and new styles and new concepts appearing all the time. Through the immortality of the written word we can all expand and grow and learn and share in something.  Let the writers keep writing and the readers keep reading and together we can be immortal. Generations later  they’ll be casting their eyes over the same words you read, laughing when you laughed and crying when you cried. Love books in any form, and keep the written word immortal.


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