Judging a ‘billionaire baby’ (behind the Ruthless Beings series)

The Ruthless Beings Series of books follows the lives of three main characters, and explores themes of love, sexuality, abuse, acceptance, resilience and, to a degree, stereotyping. The main main character is a billionaire’s daughter, a ‘billionaire baby’, born with a silver spoon in her mouth. Now, reading that are you immediately picturing someone like Paris Hilton or the Ecclestones? Maybe a Hearst or a Trump or a Rockefeller, possibly even a Kardashian or someone along those lines? Hmm. Now let’s add that our billionaire baby is located in Australia. Australia. Are you now picturing a house overlooking Sydney harbour or perhaps a sprawling rural setting with horses and abound with animals and attractive male land-hands? Hmm. Now, what if the billionaire was a self made billionaire, and his wife came from a long line of wealth? What if they had opposing views on pretty much everything? Including how to raise their billionaire baby. They should get divorced? Well possibly, but life isn’t always, possibly ever, that simple is it? Maybe being a ‘billionaire baby’ is great. What if it isn’t? How do you feel when people judge you based on your house or your car or your job or your clothes or your friends or where you ‘came from’? It’s something that people do.  They don’t know you, so they make assumptions based on what they can see or maybe what they heard about you.  If they don’t know you then is their opinion really that important to you? Are we judging people by what they do or why they do it or both, or are we judging them on something more superficial?  Who are we to judge?


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