Being an amateur

Being an amateur is easy. The word amateur was taken from a French word meaning ‘lover of’ and the English meaning isn’t far off. We’re an amateur if we’re not a professional. We’re an amateur if we do it for the love of it. So maybe we’re all amateurs really.

Instead of being an amateur who turns into a professional, what if we’re an amateur who matures?  What if instead of being a professional writer and not having another profession, we stayed as an amateur forever?

Some people believe that true artists give away their art for free because the joy of creating the art and sharing it is enough satisfaction. Some people think that remuneration for the hard work that goes into the creation is a given. Some people are somewhere in between.

I think that even if you become a professional, you shouldn’t lose your amateur side.  Don’t let the marketing or the reviews or the frustration make you forget why you did it in the first place.  Maybe it was to make money, maybe it was to share a piece of yourself, maybe it was to become famous or maybe it was just something to do.  Whatever the reason, don’t lose the love.


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