Interview with AD

It’s funny you should ask that. Or maybe it isn’t because that is the first thing everyone asks me. ‘Why are you so normal?’ And I usually turn it around and ask ‘what do you think normal is?’ because in my experience there is no such thing as normal. If you want to look at psychological teachings then maybe normal is what is socially acceptable. You know, like the example of two people eating dog food. One of them does it because they believe it is good quality meat cheaper than you can get normal meat and the other believes that it’s the only food that isn’t poisoned. So maybe they’re both abnormal but one of them is more normal. You’re asking me how someone who has been through so much hasn’t crumbled. Is that what you’re asking me? Well, everybody deals with things how they can. It’s based on a lot of factors, nature versus nurture.  Three children brought up in the same house with the same parents, with the same set of morals and standards grow up to be three completely different people. One of them may grow up to be a criminal and will it be their parent’s fault? People always blame parents. Sometimes parents don’t raise their children well. Sometimes they hurt their children and raise them to have no regard for other people. There’s experience outside of that though. People can learn. They can find out there’s another way, a better way, but sometimes they don’t. In very broad terms people are inherently selfish and the fact that I’m altruistic makes me abnormal to some people. They don’t understand. So I don’t think I’m normal. I don’t think anyone is normal. I think that if people aren’t hurting other people and they want to live their life in a way that makes them happy then they should do that. Your next question is going to be about my love life isn’t it? It makes me wonder why people ask the first question because clearly people think that my love life is anything but normal.

(This is an interview with a fictional character…)


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